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Prover Configurations

N.B. This feature is only available on the SCADA server or in standalone Profile.

The prove fields and prove run fields for Compact Prover, Pipe Prover and Master Meter provers can be configured for each configuration type.

1. Click the cog icon in the Location Bar and select ‘Configurations’ on the menu

Profile Settings Menu Configurations

The Configurations List is displayed:

2. Select the configuration type 1

3. Click ‘Prover’ in the Configurations List 2

The configuration editor is displayed:

The left hand sidebar 3 shows the list of prover types.

The right hand panel 4 shows the set of fields associated with the selected prover type. A set of default fields is provided for each prover type but these can be edited as required (see below).

4. Select a prover type in the sidebar 3

5. Configure the fields as required

N.B. For mandatory fields, the Field Name will not be editable.

To add a field, click the ‘Add Field’ button. If there is not a row selected, the new field will be added at the top of the list. If a row is selected, the new row will be added immediately above the selected row.

To delete a field, select its row in the list and click the ‘Delete Field’ button.

To reorder fields, drag and drop them to a new position in the list.

6. Click the ‘Prove Runs’ tab 5

The prove runs editor is displayed:

N.B. Prove run data can only be collected with a direct connection or when a VIA is used.

7. Configure the prove run fields as required

N.B. Include “Run X” anywhere in the Display name and fields for 10 runs will automatically be created in the RTU Setup.

8. Repeat steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 for each of the prover types

9. Click the ‘Save’ button to save the changes and return to the Configurations list 6

N.B. Click the ‘Apply’ button to save the changes without returning to the Configurations list 7.