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N.B. This feature will only be available if an Approve™ licence has been purchased and is activated on the Station Settings screen.

If a prove has been entered by mistake then it must be struck through rather than deleted to ensure a full traceable list of records are maintained.

Tip: Once a prove has been struckthrough, the previous prove becomes the latest prove and becomes editable.

All struckthrough proves are maintained in the database. Follow these instructions to view proves that have been struckthrough.

Only the latest prove can be edited so once a newer prove has been added for a meter, older proves for that meter are locked and can no longer be modified.

1. Navigate to the Station

See the ‘Viewing a Station’ section for more details.

2. Click the ‘Proves’ button in the Navigation Bar

3. Navigate to the Meter

See the ‘Proves List’ section for more details about selecting a meter.

The prove certificate will be displayed.

4. Select the latest prove in the list

The prove certificate will be displayed.

5. Click the ‘Strikethrough’ button

This will mark the prove record as strikethrough.

WARNING! Once a prove has been marked as being struck through it cannot be undone.


Note: There are two reasons for the ‘Strikethrough’ button not to be available: Either you do not have access to strikethrough the prove or there are more recent proves for that meter available.