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RTU Setup – RTU Details

1. Enter a name for the RTU and select the RTU Type (and version if applicable) 1

2. Ensure that the ‘Enabled’ box is ticked 2

N.B. Untick the ‘Enabled’ box to disable the RTU if required. Disabling an RTU hides it from the Profile interface and suspends data collection but the RTU setup is saved and can be re-enabled again as needed.

3. Select the Time Zone and Base Time 3

4. Tick the ‘Synchronise Time’ box to enable time sync with the flow computer 4

N.B. To complete the time sync with an ABB Spirit Flow-X, enter the username and password for the Flow-X on the Communications screen.

5. Select which data types should be collected for the RTU 5

N.B. Disabling the collection mechanisms for data types will reduce the bandwidth required and can be useful when troubleshooting connection issues.

6. Click the ‘Next’ button to move to the next section:  Communications