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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Setting up Omni 6000 Archive Registers to store prove data

Profile is designed to run out of the box with all natively supported RTUs. However to take full advantage of some of the features that Profile provides, extra setup work must be carried out on the RTU itself.

1. Open the OmniCom software

2. Select ‘Online’ from the ‘Actions’ menu


3. Click the ‘Connect’ button

4. Select ‘Operate’ from the ‘Actions’ menu

5. Click ‘Archive Maintenance’ in the ‘Operate’ sidebar


6. Click the ‘Stop’ button in the ‘Archiving Status’ panel to stop the archive from running

7. Click the ‘Enable’ button in the ‘Archive Configuration Status’ panel to allow the archives to be edited

8. Select ‘Configure’ from the ‘Actions’ menu

9. Expand ‘Archives’ in the sidebar

10. Select one of the archives

12. Set the ‘Boolean Trigger’ to 1928 and enter the ‘Max Records’ that you want to store e.g. 50

13. Add the following packets to the archive

Note: The Prover Prove Report Number field must be in the first packet.

Packet Point No Description Point Count Data Type
1 5931 Prover Prove Report Number 1 32 Bit Integer
2 4921 Prover Prove DateProver Prove Time 2 8 Byte ASCII
3 3902 Prover Proving Meter Number 1 16 Bit Integer
4 4901 Prover Prove Meter – Product Name 1 8 Byte ASCII
5 4905 Prover Prove Meter – Serial Number 1 8 Byte ASCII
6 4929 Prover Previous Meter Factor DateProver Previous Meter Factor Time 2 8 Byte ASCII
7 5962 Prover Previous Meter FactorProver Previous Meter Factor Time – Current Prove 2 32 Bit Integer
8 7964 Prover K Factor (Average Runs) 1 Float
9 8052 Prover Average Meter Temperature of RunsProver Average Meter Pressure of Runs Prover Average Prover Temperature of Runs

Prover Average Prover Pressure of Runs

Prover Average SG60/Density@Ref.T of Runs

Prover Average Proving Meter Flowrate of Runs

Prover Counts/Meter Factor % Deviation Between Runs

Prover Ctsp

Prover Cpsp

Prover Ctlp

Prover CCFp

Prover Corrected Prover Volume

Prover Proving Meter Volume

Prover Ctlm

Prover Cplm

Prover CCFm

Prover Corrected Meter Volume

Prover Average Counts * LCF

Prover Actual K Factor

Prover Average Proving Meter Flow Hertz

22 Float

These fields must correlate with how Profile has been configured.

14. Click the ‘Apply’ button

15. Go back to the Operate screen and select ‘Archive Maintenance’

16. Click the ‘Disable’ button in the ‘Archive Configuration Status’ panel

17. Click the ‘Stop’ button in the ‘Archiving Status’ panel to re-enable the archiving