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Starting a Prove

N.B. This feature is only available on the SCADA server or in standalone Profile.

If the station has been set up with a prover and the RTU has support for proving, Profile will download all the prove data from the device.

1. Navigate to the station

See the ‘Viewing a Station’ section for more details.

2. Click the ‘Proves’ tab in the Navigation Bar 1

The proves list will be displayed:

3. Click the ‘Start Prove’ button 2

The prove setup window will be displayed:

4. Select the meter to be proved 3

5. Click the ‘Next’ button 4

The start prove screen will be displayed:

6. Click the buttons to start a prove 5 or start a trial prove 6

The prove will start running:

Click the ‘Abort Prove’ button 7 if required.

When the prove has completed, the prove details will be displayed:

7. Click the ‘Prove Again’ button to start another prove 8 or click the ‘OK’ button to close the prove and return to the Proves list 9

N.B. It may be necessary to click the ‘Refresh’ button on the Proves list to see the new prove.