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Strikethrough a Logbook Entry

N.B. Logbook will only be available if a Record™ licence has been purchased and is activated on the Station Settings screen.

Logbook entries can be struck through to hide them from the default list view but are always retained for auditing purposes.

1. Navigate to the logbook entry detail

See the ‘Viewing the Logbook’ section for more detail.

Logbook Detail Strikethrough

2. Click the ‘Strikethrough’ button 1

The logbook entry will be hidden on the Logbook list unless the ‘Strikethrough’ checkbox 2 is ticked:

The logbook entry will also be marked as “Struckthrough” on the detail screen:

Logbook Detail Struckthrough

3. Click the ‘Un-strikethrough’ button to reinstate the logbook entry if required 3