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Time Sync

N.B. This feature is only available on the SCADA server or in standalone Profile.

If Omni or ABB Spirit Flow-X RTUs have the ‘Synchronize Time’ checkbox ticked, Profile will attempt to keep the time in the flow computer synchronized with the time on the server (taking into account the time zone for the RTU).

Time synchronization will happen if the server changes its time or every day at the specified time.

1. Click the cog icon in the Location Bar and select ‘Settings’ on the menu

See the ‘Accessing Server Settings’ section for more detail.

2. Click ‘Time Sync’ in the left hand column 1

The Time Sync settings screen is displayed:

Time Sync Settings

3. Specify the time when RTUs should be synchronized each day 2

4. Click the ‘Save’ button to save the changes and exit the Settings section 3

N.B. Click the ‘Apply’ button to save the changes and remain in the Settings section. 4