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Viewing Grouped Batches

Grouped batches are batches that have been grouped together based on an assigned group name, start and end date and product. Profile will link these batches together, summating their individual gross, net, NSV and mass totals to provide group totals.

The Grouped Batches feature must be enabled in the server settings. See the ‘Server Settings – Batches’ section for more detail.

Users must have the “View Batches” privilege to view grouped batches and “Edit Batches” privilege to create or edit them. See the ‘Users’ section for more detail.

If grouped batches have been created, a ‘By Group’ option will be added to the filters in the sidebar.

1. Click the ‘Batches’ tab in the Navigation Bar 1

The Batches list will be displayed:

2. Select ‘By Group’ in the sidebar 2

3. Click on a grouped batch in the list 3

The Batch Group Details screen is displayed:

Batch Group Detail

Clicking on a batch in the batch list will open that batch and show the full batch details along with the batch report. Closing the batch will return to the batch group details screen.

Clicking the ‘Delete Group’ button will remove the group name from all the batches in the batch group and delete the batch.

Clicking the ‘Delete Batch’ button will remove the highlighted batch from the batch list and recalculate the batch group totals. If the last batch is removed from the group, a warning will be given to the user and then the batch group will be deleted.