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N.B. This feature is only available on the Enterprise server or in standalone Profile.

Selected events will automatically be raised as issues on the Enterprise server. Issues can be viewed at an area or station level.

Issues can also be sent out by email in a daily issues report.

1. Select an area or navigate to the station

See the ‘Viewing a Station’ section for more details.

2. Click the ‘Issues’ tab in the Navigation Bar 1

This will show a list of all issues:

3. Filter the list as required: 2

  • Use the ‘Date’ controls to filter by Day, Week, Month or a Date Range
  • Use the ‘Issue Type’ drop-down menu to only show selected issue types
  • Tick the ‘Include’ checkboxes to only show selected issue statuses

4. Double click on an issue in the list to open it

The issue data will be displayed:

5. Click the ‘Show Historical Data’ button to view the historical data at the time of the issue 3

6. To close out the issue, click the ‘Close Issue’ button 4

7. Enter a closing explanation 5 and click the ‘Close Issue’ button 6

The closed issue will be shown with a tick 7 in the list: