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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Viewing Prove Data

If the station has been set up with a prover and the RTU has support for proving, Profile will download all the prove data from the device.

1. Navigate to the station

See the ‘Viewing a Station’ section for more details.

2. Click the ‘Proves’ tab in the Navigation Bar 1

The proves list will be displayed:


3. Filter the list as required: 2

  • Toggle between filtering ‘By Date’ or ‘By Prove No’:
    • In ‘By Date’ mode, use the following filters as required:
      • Use the ‘Date’ controls to filter by Day, Week, Month or a Date Range
      • Enter a meter ID in the ‘Meter ID’ box
      • Tick the ‘Product’ checkboxes to only show specified product types
      • Tick the ‘Show Aborted’ checkbox to show aborted proves too
    • In ‘By Prove No’ mode, enter a prove number in the ‘Prove No’ box.

4. Double click on a prove in the list to open it

The prove data will be displayed:


5. Click the ‘Report’ tab to view the prove report 3


6. Click the ‘OK’ button 4

This will close the prove and return to the Proves list.