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Profile™ is a trademark of Ambrit Ltd

Viewing the Logbook

N.B. Logbook will only be available if a Record™ licence has been purchased and is activated on the Station Settings screen.

If Record™ is enabled for the station, Profile will automatically record selected events in the logbook. Logbook entries can also be added manually.

1. Click the ‘Logbook’ tab in the Navigation Bar 1

The Logbook list will be displayed:

2. Filter the list of logbook entries as required 2

3. Double-click a logbook entry in the list to view the detail 3

Profile automatically records the following events:

  • Attachment added
  • Attachment removed
  • Meter base curve created
  • Product base curve updated
  • Product recalibrated
  • Calibration added
  • Meter created
  • Meter updated
  • Meter deleted
  • Meter run proved
  • Meter factor implemented
  • Equipment created
  • Equipment updated
  • Equipment deleted
  • Product created
  • Product updated
  • Product deleted
  • RTU created
  • RTU updated
  • RTU deleted
  • RTU time synced
  • RTU time sync failed
  • Station created
  • Station updated
  • Tag created
  • Tag updated
  • Tag deleted
  • Tag installed
  • Tag uninstalled