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Adding a Modem

N.B. This must be performed on the server.

Profile can gather data from RTUs connected by modems. There are two different types of modem available: data modem and user modem. The data modem is reserved exclusively for historical data collection. User modems are available for getting live process data from the system. There must be at least one data modem defined before a user modem can be added.

If there is only a data modem available then the live data mode will not be available for any RTUs connected by modem.

Modems must be enabled in your license for you to use this feature.

1. Select ‘Modems…’ from the ‘Config’ menu


2. Click the ‘Add Modem’ button


3. Enter the fields as follows:

Modem Name This is the name to identify the modem with.
Modem Type This is the type of modem. Select either “Data Collection” or “User Modem”. The first modem must be a Data Collection modem.
Serial Port This is the COM port that the modem is connected to the Profile server on.
Baud Rate This is the baud rate of the COM port. Normally set this to be higher than the modem speed.
Data Bits This is the number of data bits of the serial connection. This is normally set to 8.
Stop Bits This is the number of stop bits of the serial connection. This is normally set to 1.
Parity This is the parity of the serial connection. This is normally set to “None”.
Dial Timeout This is the number of seconds that Profile will wait for while establishing the connection to the remote modem. The default value is zero which will use Profile’s built in settings. If set it should be about 20-30 seconds.
Keep Alive Period The last thing that you want is for the modem to keep losing its connection and having to redial over and over again. The Keep Alive Period sets how long the modem can be idle for before disconnecting. The default value is zero which means that Profile will automatically set how long the connection is made before disconnecting.
Modem String This is the AT commands that will be sent to the modem before dialing to initialize its settings.

4. Click the ‘Save’ button

Once the modem has been created it will automatically be used to connect to any RTU using a modem. Multiple modems can be created.