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Sharing RTU Streams across Stations

RTUs that can handle multiple meter runs can be set up over multiple stations. e.g. a 4 meter run RTU can be set up for 2 stations, with 2 meter runs on station 1 and the remaining meter runs on station 2.

1. Add a station for the multi meter run RTU, but don’t use up all the meter runs

See the ‘Adding an RTU‘ section for more details on how to add the RTU.

2. Add a second station in the same world wide area

Screen shot 2010-03-27 at 10.20.42

Because the RTU has some spare meter runs, Profile asks whether an existing RTU should be used or if a new one should be created.

3. Choose ‘Existing RTU’

Screen shot 2010-03-27 at 10.23.50

Profile will display a list of all RTUs for that area that have unallocated meter runs.

4. Use the menus to allocate the streams in the RTU to the meter runs in the station

5. Click the ‘Save’ button

The RTU will now also be associated with this station. This means that any alarms, audit trail or reports etc will be shared between the stations.