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Getting Started

  • Minimum Requirements

    ( Getting Started, Introduction )

    Minimum Server requirements: 3Ghz Xeon (Dual Core minimum, 4 Core recommended) 16GB RAM (or greater) 1TB Hard Drive 1280 x 768 display (or greater) 2 x 100bT Ethernet (1 connection to process network, 1 connection to enterprise network) Serial Ports (optional) Static … Continue reading 

  • Setting a Static IP Address

    ( Getting Started )

    Profile requires a static IP address so that it can be accessed from the network. 1. Open the ‘Control Panel’ folder This example show Windows 7 (other versions of Windows are similar). 2. Click ‘Network and Internet’ The Network and Internet control panel is … Continue reading 

  • Logging on to Profile

    ( Getting Started )

    1. Open a web browser window Please see ‘Minimum Requirements‘ for supported web browsers. 2. Enter the static IP address or URL that was provided by your system administrator Tip: If you do not know these details select ‘View Web Site’ … Continue reading