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Importing Prove Data

Proves data can be imported manually using our standard template.

1. Prove data format

Prove data can be populated using our specified tab delimited text file to be imported to the database.  Click here to download the file, the first line is an example of the data.

The serial number and model of the equipment must match the equipment record.

2. Click Import Proves from the File menu

Select “Import Proves” from the file menu.

import menu


3. Select the import file.txt to be imported

select import file


4. Select “Yes” or “No” to clear the old proves out first

clear the old proves window

Clicking “Yes” will clear all the existing proves relating to that meter associated with the serial number.

Clicking “No” will append imported prove data to the existing proves. Imported prove data will be rejected and moved to the “rejected” folder if the dates of the proves are older then the existing proves.