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RTU Management Report Preferences

N.B. This must be performed on the server.

Profile can send out a daily or weekly email informing the users about the status of each RTU on the system. The Administrator will receive this email report by default.

1. Select ‘Preferences…’ from the ‘Config’ menu on the server

Note: Preferences can only be modified on the server and not through the web interface.

2. Select ‘Email’ from the list of preferences on the left hand side of the screen


3. Set the ‘RTU Status Email Frequency’ to either “Daily” or “Weekly”

4. Click the ‘Save’ button

5. Edit the users to grant them privileges to receive the report

See the ‘Adding Users‘ section for more details.

Screen shot 2010-09-06 at 14.04.50

6. Ensure that the user has been granted the permission “Manage RTU”

The user will only receive emails about the RTUs that they have access to.

The email report is sent out at midnight to the email address defined for the user.

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