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Once a meter factor has been validated by Approve, it can be implemented in the flow computer and must be marked as accepted in Approve.

1. Navigate to the Station

See the ‘Viewing a Station’ section for more details.

2. Click the ‘Proves’ button in the Navigation Bar

This will display the latest proves for each meter run on the station.

3. Click the Meter Run in the Inventory Menu

This will switch to displaying a history of all proves performed for that meter run.

4. Click the latest prove in the Prove History list

This will display the prove certificate for the most recently entered prove.

5. Review the test results for the prove

Click here for a description of the different tests that Approve applies to the meter factor.

6. Click the ‘Charts’ tab

7. Review the charts for the prove

Click here for a description of the different charts.

8. Click the ‘Data’ tab

9. Click the ‘Accept’ button

This will open the prove screen so the data can be edited.

WARNING! Once a prove has been marked as being struck through it cannot be undone.

There are two reasons for the ‘Strikethrough’ button not to be available, either you do not have access to strikethrough the prove or there are more recent proves for the meter.