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Viewing the Prove History Charts for a Meter

1. Click the ‘Approve’ tab in the Database Bar 1

2. Select the station in the Inventory Menu 2

This will show the latest proves from each meter run:

Aprove Latest Proves List

3. Click on the meter run in the Latest Proves list 3

This will show a history of all proves for the selected meter / product / base curve:

Approve Prove History

4. Click the ‘Charts’ tab 4

This will show the Flow Rate Linearisation chart for the selected meter / product / base curve:

Approve Prove History Chart

By default the product from the latest prove will be selected. To see the prove history for other products select the product in the ‘Product’ popup menu.

By default the latest base curve will be selected. To see historical base curves select the older base curve in the ‘base curve’ popup menu. If the meter has just been replaced or recalibrated then the current base curve may not contain any proves yet.

Use the date search to select the date range that you want to see. By default the charts will show the proves over the latest 30 days.

Select the type of chart from the ‘Prove Chart Type’ popup menu.

The following charts are available from the Prove Chart Type popup menu: